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Brand and company:

HiGeen Brand was launched in 1988 and is set apart by the fact that our products always meet the requirements of consumers. Millions of loyal customers place their trust in us as one of the leading companies in the fields of personal care, skin care, health and beauty - thanks to over thirty years of devotion and experience.

HiGeen’s product portfolio has now grown well beyond the hand sanitizer to include more than 28 main products and over 221 SKUS. We continue to evolve and develop new products, all on the basis of development for a fulfilling experience.

The HiGeen brand is one of the many brands that belong to the Munir Sukhtain Group and is manufactured by Household and toiletries Manufacturing Co. (HTM) in Amman - Jordan.

The Higeen brand has now become synonymous with cleanliness, and that wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance and ingenuity of the highly decorated and esteemed Mr. Nidal Sukhtian. With a passion for collecting and utilizing knowledge, Mr. Nidal Sukhtian has led HiGeen along a path of creative inventiveness and allowed it to be the respected brand it is today.

HiGeen brand has gained worldwide recognition and success and is currently distributed in over 30 countries around the world. We are pioneers in the sanitation and care industry, with numerous products to fulfill your various needs.

We believe that harnessing the power of herbs and nature has given the HiGeen brand an innovative edge in the market, allowing us to contribute to a higher standard of health and cleanliness to individuals and families all over the world.

History of Hand Sanitizer:

HiGeen Brand became a well-known name integrated with sanitizer concept especially in hand sanitizer products please check below the development stages for HiGeen Hand sanitizer .

Hand sanitizer 250 ml


Hand sanitizer 105 ml


Hand sanitizer 500 ml


Hand sanitizer 50 ml


Hand sanitizer 110 ml


Hand sanitizer 80 ml


Hand sanitizer 800 ml + Dispenser


Hand sanitizer 1000 ml


Hand sanitizer with 50 ml with silicon holder


Hand sanitizer 1000 ml + Dispenser


Hand sanitizer 500 + 1000 with new fragrances


Hand sanitizer with 50 ml with silicon holder for kids


Suitable for all different skin types and all ages:

Nowadays, countless people all around the world from all walks of life depend on HiGeen. This is the driving force behind our intensive research & development work at our dedicated lab in Jordan, in which we strive to find out the different care requirements of our costumers and provide top quality products based on those. Based on this approach we have developed premium personal care products as well as skin and health products over HiGeen’s lifetime. We do this so that people all around the world can, with no hesitation, put their utmost trust in HiGeen products.